Monday, August 24, 2009

Hair There

I woke up today morning in total despair. My life is not the same anymore. How will I survive my 40's if I shed ALL my hair in my 30's?! Oh Lord, why me...why now??!! The last thing I need right now is the stress of hair loss by bunches. The stress of losing so much of hair is making me lose more hair, I think!

For many years I would be one of those girls who would grow my hair bra strap length and one fine day just chop it all up. Once the hair would be chopped short then the whole regime of oiling and putting henna or eggs (yuck!) in my hair would begin. I would then toil away for a few years just trying to get it back to the bra strap length. Bra strap length…well, once my hair reached the strap of my bra on my back, I would KNOW that its time to get a nice short and funky haircut. That’s always been the measurement.

My desire though was to have enough will power to grow it waist length…it never did grow that long. I jsut didn't have the patience. I went through millions of different haircut phases…every time it was a new short look, a new cut.

Then in 1997 hair colour got introduced in a big way. I had to have it in my hair. For months I dreamt of golden streaks. Saved all the money in the world as I heard that streaks were very expensive. On the D-day, I arrived very nervous at the swankiest salon in Pune. It was just nerve wracking to sit at the fancy salon. All I could think of was to run outta there. Just as I was about to lose my nerve, walked in the head colourist. He sat me down and started quizzing me about my clothes, favourite colour, make up likes etc. For an hour my hair was put up in foils and very strange smell was emitting outta my head. All this while I am nervously thinking, what the hell have I got my self into.

Needless to say I walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. A decade later I am still to meet a hair colourist who has spent more than 2 minutes discussing the colour. This guy knew what he was doing and he did it awesomely well.

Since then I have every possible shade of colour in my hair. From Red hair to Super light blonde. Been there and experimented with that! The blonde look took the mikey out of my hair. It was so battered with the colour and bleach for nearly 2 years, that finally I had to cut it and colour it dark black. That got me into my Goth phase. In this phase I looked Goth and scary as hell. Lucky me black nail paint was really in too so that kind of rounded off the look.

Once day good sense prevailed and I stopped colouring my hair at all. It’s been 3 years since I have coloured my hair. Yes, there are days when I just want to colour it in a wild colour…but just can’t seem to muster up the courage to do so.

The hair has grown waist length; as for a year in 2005 I just didn’t have the time due to the launch of our flight out of Mumbai. I was working like a dog and clearly grooming was out of the window. I could barely get in the mandatory threading (painful as hell) and waxing (God, why do we women have body hair?) I was this street mutt who had no time to think of funky haircuts.

We girls spend so much of time and energy on our hair. Not to mention the money in various hair products, shampoos, hair accessories, hair oil. Our pre occupation with hair is one of the great joys of being a woman. Though looking at Ryan Seacrest, men are not far behind!

Over the years our hair will change colour, thickness, shape and size…we ladies will still wear it with pride. See the attached pic, one of my favourites. Thanks to hair colour and innovation in hair care, our hair doesn’t have to age as yet...

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. ~Author Unknown

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