Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sole Desire

What is it about heels and me?! I love a pair of sexy, outrageously high heels. It’s like a “Pick me up”…ahem. A pair of nice heels picks me up from earth and takes me to heaven! The Vixen is not known to be a tall person. Tall in character and personality, though, or so I have been told! I do also have tiny feet so it’s not always easy to find a pair I like in my size.

I love the fact that one has so many choices today from really thin stilettos or kitten heels or wedges or block heels etc. Some times I wake in the morning knowing what pair of heels I will wear, from there the Vixen works an outfit around. A drab black business suit paired with turquoise blue killer heels. Hmm…the options are endless and choices boundless.

I remember wading through water in Bombay with my beige heels tucked away safely in my purse. I walked into a meeting like that and wore the heels only in the safely of the office I had the meeting at. I rather am walking barefoot in the rain then to ruin a pretty pair of shoes! That would be plain insane.

Apart from that fact that heels give a woman a gait in her walk. For women like me, who are challenged in the height department, it’s also a tool to help you look into your man’s eyes. I would be constantly suffering from a neck ache when I started dating. Every time my man hugged me, I had to crane my neck back in order to breathe. Otherwise I would get suffocated in between his chest and arms. A nice pair of heels took care of this issue once and for all. Also it gives me a chance to look into his eyes and really look in them eyes!

My favourite pair of heels is from London. They are beautiful leopard print shoes from Oxford Street. A little birdie tells me that they might just be featured in the next issue of Harpers Bazaar, India. Sigh…finally they will get the adulation they so deserve from the world out there.

Shoes are just the soul food that a woman needs. You can never have enough. The search for one more perfect pair goes on and on…Buy shoes of all colours. Don’t just stick to the boring brown and black colours. Get some funky colours like yellow, blue, green and RED! OMG…Red high heels are my best friend ( pls don’t tell D that)!

I saw a beautiful red pair at Aldo. Vixen is going shopping today!

You want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can't hurt you too deeply either. Allen Sherman


  1. ok. slight digression. i danced three dance classes straight on high heels. and now i'm on bloody paracetamol for the worst ever leg aches! shit.

    vixen, this blog is fab. you go girl.

  2. i feel the same way about colognes
    im dying to buy one!!!
    btw its tattoo boy, im not logged in and too lazy to log in nw cuz im abt to go to sleep..
    but yea keep wearing them killer heels..they look like they were made for girls like u

    nite!! :)

  3. Dorlings!!!

    What can I say????
    If high heels be your soul/sole,
    And D need not be told;
    You must pander your whims and buy that RED at Aldo,
    Go Girl Go!!!

  4. Agreed long as D doesn't know ; )

  5. Agent, 3 classes in high u are gettin to b totally my kinda woman ; ) solvin mysteries in high heels, this Agent is juss too rockin ; )

  6. Tattoo boy, u inspire me to write about colognes and its wonderful effects on humanity!

  7. you sound like Sarah Jessica Parker (sex in the city)! :)
    though i would like to agree will all of the above...i lovee walking...hence....

  8. amu...I am so gonna try NOt soundin like her : )

    thanks fer visiting!