Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skin Sin

It’s all about the skin isn’t it? Today my lovelies I am going to talk about my favorite skin cleanser. It’s awesome. It’s Noxzema. This miracle skin cleanser comes in a beautiful blue jar. One of the typical old-fashioned jars full of magic potion. It’s a classic. I discovered this cleanser 10 yrs back in USA. What got my attention was this striking blue colour of the jar. It was available at CVS and at a pretty affordable price.

I am a big sucker for trying out products. Usually if they are affordable…then chances are I have tried it. Especially cleansers and face creams. I love the cleaning ritual in the night, before I turn in. Even if I was pissed drunk…I will go to the loo and splash water on my face and sleep. Yep, that does nothing for the vixen, just a habit.

In the evening I got home and opened the jar and refreshing fragrance hit. It was amazing. I felt cleansed even before the cleaning process had started! The jar had this white liquid cream. I dug in with my fingers and spread it on my face. After slathering it on for a few minutes….splash of water to wash it off. What a refreshing cleansing wash it was. My skin felt tingly and alive.

I loved what it did to my skin. Though like a typical non-loyal customer I went on to try new things, new routines and new products. Many years and many many products later…I saw Noxzema again. This time I found it at the most unexpected of all shops. The shopkeeper (who happens to be a friend) started selling the brand to me. I don’t know why and how but a wave of affection came over me and I bought it in an instant.

After years I took home the blue jar of Noxzema cleanser. I met this brilliant product in my 20’s and it was wonderful for me. Will it be able to weave its magic all over again?! So here I am, many beauty regimes later, back with the familiar jar of goodness.

I am happy to announce, my skin still loves it. I can’t remember why I stopped using it but I do remember the tingly freshness it brings to my face. I love it!!

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes just these small joys can brighten up ones day.A cleanser for heavens sake! ; )

Being happy in your skin that's what it's all about.

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