Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kaajrare Nain

Vixens super cool find… Kaajal/ Kohl pencil that’s stays on and on and on. Like all Indian girls, or at least the ones with dark circles that definitely need kaajal pencil to rescue from racoon eyes, I am constantly looking out for that one Kaajal pencil that stays put.

I have been there and tried it ALL…from Lakme Kaajal to MAC to Clinique. Some just fade away in an hour’s time, others are not good for lenses, while some spread across your face like soot. What is a woman supposed to do?!! I have tried my best to find a decent kohl pencil that stays put on a working day…doesn’t need constant retouch and doesn’t spread across the face.

I have even tried Soorma bought from a lovely quaint little shop in Jaiselmer. My rickshaw driver was wearing soorma. Gorgeous dark colour in his eyes. I persuaded him to take me to ths shop he bought his supply from. Hmmm...that didn't last long once I got back to the city. I loved the minty feshness but my contact lenses just hated the soorma.

If I don’t wear Kaajal even for a day to work then for sure half the office will walk up to me asking me if I have cried my racoon eyes out?! Some will politely inquire I am not well and should ideally rest as swine flu is really not something to share with the office lot!! So for a person like me wearing a Kaajal is NOT an OPTION!!!

Try Color Bar Midnight black 007. Yep, who would have ever though that the best Kaajal pencil would actually be from this brand. I didn’t …for sure!! A dear friend suggested it to me and after much persuasion I actually tried it and LOVED IT. Its smudge proof, dark black in color and EASY ON THE POCKET!! The Recessionista in me LOVES the combination.

So ladies go ahead and try it. Vixen thinks its brilliant!


  1. Hey,

    I like your blog. You should post here more often.
    I was recommended the ColorBar Kajal pencil by a friend and I totally loved it. I used to earlier use MAC and Biotique but wasnt very happy with it. Too much of smudging.

    Why don't you do a post on perfumes. I have been looking for a good office wear perfume, and a good evening wear perfume. Any suggestions?

  2. thanks anonymous! I have ignored this blog for a long time..haven't i? Hmmmm...lets rectify that ASAP :)

  3. Thanks :)

    Will look forward to your suggestions

  4. color bar midnite black is a eye definer can v use as kajal/

  5. can midnit black 007 color bar b usd as kajal?