Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Rain

Its raining…its raining…its raining in dry, dead (ly) hot Delhi. It’s been a HOT summer…unkind, unrelenting, severely dry summer. The soul of the city has been battered this summer. All of us leaving for work in the morning, when the temperature is already 30 degrees Celsius. By the time one reaches work, its exhaustion and tiredness. People are snappy and angry at the world…. heated arguments instead of morning cuppa tea. So a full day of rain brings in so much of respite.

I woke up with the raindrops on my windowsill…lovely droplets of water just winding their way down on the glass…beautiful. My bamboo chime slowly swaying and making a deep melodic sound…hmmmm…if this is not peaceful and loving then what is?

I sat in my bed for what felt like an eternity, looking out at the beautiful rain. Just the sound of falling rain can have a hypnotic effect. I can listen to it for hours… it just me, my soul and rain. Nothing else and none else matters. I made my self a hot steaming cuppa cardamom tea put off the aircon …with the chants of Gayatri mantra in the background…I experienced of the most beautiful mornings of this summer.

Some how I managed to pull my self out of this trance like feeling and called in a cab. The vixen couldn’t dream of driving today…today I need to feel mellow.

Every girl needs a day like this. When you wake up feeling beautiful from inside. Beautiful and peaceful! A day, when you just want to love your self. Be good to your heart. Once you do that…you will find a big fountain of love to share with the world. It’s a never-ending fountain…

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Lets just go walking in the rain!

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